What make us different?

Producing top quality kiwi fruit is our PASSION. Our entire team works to find the highest quality throughout the production process. We work as a team to produce the best fruit, to pack and select in the best possible way, to meet the demands of our internal and external costumers. But above all, we are grateful to our collaborators who make up our great team.

Who are we?

When we decided to invest in kiwi farming, the fundamental goal was to produce a top quality kiwi fruit. Our professionals designed the best planting system and most effective architecture of our spaces, achieving a fair balance. From the beginning, our plantation has been managed respecting the environment with sustainable exportation criteria. The fertilization is carried out by means of foliar fertilizers, the pruning is crushed and returned to the soil as organic matter. Pollination is carried out with bees in natural way, seeking natural balance. Due to the management of fertilization, irrigation, pruning and conduction system, our fruit has optimal levels of degrees brix and dry matter at the time of being harvested. Our kiwi fruit is sweet and very pleasant on the palate.

Our Farm

The farm is modern and across 40 hectares. The kiwi fruit plantation is 27hectares designed and implemented from 2013 to 2015. It is specifically dedicated to the cultivation of Kiwi fruit, the Hayward variety. Its strategic location just 9 km from the Atlantic Ocean gives the specific and particular moderate and oceanic climate.

Our Packaging

Our packaging plant was built in 2018 and it has a surface of more than 1,900 m2 and a storage capacity of more than 1,000 TN. Our company has a Prodol machine of national industry with an ellips weighing system (Dutch technology).

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